Nanolab Environmental – Water Analysis


Environmental pollution has become one of the greatest challenges of our present and future. To combat the growing pollution caused by increased industrialization, lack of awareness, and population growth, various studies are being conducted. To support these efforts, the Nanolab Laboratories Group conducts various tests within the scope of Environmental-Water Analysis Laboratory. As an accredited laboratory by the Turkish Accreditation Agency, we provide analysis services on numerous environmental and water samples. Our laboratory, operating in Turkey, collaborates with different countries, including Germany, Switzerland, Saudi Arabia, Sweden, and the United Kingdom.  Environmental-Water Analysis Laboratory, with its experienced and authorized team, performs the following analyses:

  • Sea Water Analyses
  • Wastewater Analyses
  • Waste Oil Analyses
  • Emission-Immission Measurements
  • Treatment Sludge Analyses
  • Water Analyses
  • Waste Analyses
  • Environmental Noise Measurements
  • Combustion Efficiency Measurement in Burners
  • Pure Water Analyses
  • Hemodialysis Water Analyses
  • Utility Water Analyses
  • Analysis of Waters for Human Consumption
  • Pool Water Analyses
  • Cooling and Process Water Analyses
  • Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals (ZDHC)
  • Agricultural Irrigation Water Analysis

Microbiological, chemical, and physical analyses are conducted on environmental and water samples. The assessment of the environment where the samples are taken is crucial. The compliance with relevant standards and legal requirements can be determined through tests and analyses conducted by an authorized, accredited, and experienced laboratory. The accuracy of the results obtained and the subsequent regulatory adjustments are important.

Nanolab Environmental-Water Analysis Laboratory holds Environmental Measurement and Analysis Competence Certificate and Health Ministry Permit. With full authority, it effectively provides accurate, reliable, and rapid results in environmental and water analyses.

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